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Challenge fenders reinstall review part2
August 16, 2015, 6:25 pm
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Part2 of this review is the modifications required to make these fenders fit decent.  It’s not super defecult but still annoying because of the cost of these things.  The other issue is how much prep work is required before paint 😦

Let’s start with extending the fenders. In the previous post I had cut the fender end and started prep work. Now to reattach, reinforce, and refinish.




Now to refinish
Sand it down and we’re pretty close to completing the repair.
Now thats a much better fit

looking at this mounting point it’s pretty obvious the fenders are too short on (both)sides. I guess more fiberglass work required.


Overall, I’d say these fenders are a 8/10 for fit and finish. I’ll take some follow up pics after painting to show the final product. Well, it’s a collaboration of Challenge fenders, my modifications, and my body guys prep work, if you want to get down to the nitty gritty.


Challenge S2000 fender review/repair part1
August 8, 2015, 9:31 pm
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This is a review of the Challenge wide front fender for the S2000. These are OEM style but 30mm wider, perfect for square wheel/tire setups. I’m running 17×9.5 +47 and 255/40/17 it clears with plenty of room to spare. Here are some basic pics of the fenders installed.

Overall, I would say I’m 80% satisfied with these fenders. Fit is so so, finish is not bad. The fenders are $995US made and distributed by GTMOTORING

Reason, I find the fenders not fitting perfect is the gaps. They were too short to fit to the front of the bumper by about 1/4″. On anything other than a black car this would be very noticeable after painting. Also, the driver side to the door has quite a bigger gap than the passengers side.



Other than these areas the fenders are decent. I was really hoping that for the price they would be near perfect. The other thing with these fenders is that they have fender extensions that stick onto the bumper. That gives them a bit more work to install vs the downforce fenders which are also oem style and 30mm wider(and cheaper at $850). Will take more pics later.

The next portion of this post is a repair.
I will be extending the fenders so they will fit(and look) better. First off is to locate a spot to cut the fenders that gives the least amount of repair work.
Found my spot to cut, mark it and cut.
These fenders have good thickness of fiberglass to give them strength. I would also like to note these fenders have a substantial weight savings from the oem fenders. I was quite suprised it was that much of a difference.


The next step is to prep the pieces to be refiberglassed back. Shave some of the fiberglass off to fill back with new fiberglass for bonding.


Now for a test fit.

Time to refiberglass and bond the pieces back, then paint.

In part two I will show some pics of the rework, final repair before and after paint.

Thank you for reading my blog

Clay test, locking the VTC gear
December 28, 2013, 8:32 pm
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Okay time to make sure there are no clearance issues in regards to piston to valve clearance. I was a bit worried with the 12.5:1cr and a big lift cam +14mm lift on high cam.

Testing low cam i have no clearance issues what so ever. Now for the real test, HIGH CAM.

Because the Kseries has a oil pressure controlled variable intake cam gear i have been pondering how do i go about testing VTC (variable timing control) and holding it at a set cam angle degree. ie holding VTC at 30,35,40,45 cam angle while i test valve to piston clearance. The old bseries engines you could use a adjustable cam gear which was quite common to find. But this Kseries stuff???
Then i thought of an idea. In combination with aftermarket company Trac Tuff i was able to test at 30,35,40vtc angle or full Lock at 50vtc.
This is a VTC gear
VTC gear
Lets open it up and see what makes it work. There is a locking pin in the back, and also you can see where the oil enters in from to control the VTC oil pressure.
vtc gear from the rear
Opening the cover you can see how the VTC intake cam gear can slide back and forth to adjust the cam angle to open the intake cam sooner or later(advance or retard).
vtc intake cam gear opened
(I will do another post in the “stuff” category that will go more in-depth of the VTC gear and it’s functioning components)

Here is the TracTuff kit, it will lock/prevent the VTC gear from going the full 50degrees by blocking movement. So the thicker the locking pin the less it can move ie 30degrees vtc, the thinnest diameter locking pin would be 40degrees vtc.
TracTuff vtc kit
TracTuff VTC kit
30vtc locked
Next i rigged something up to lock the VTC mechanism against the pins to get the most accurate readings.

Not the best looking device but it worked.
locking device
vtc locking mechanism
locking mechanism

Now that we have the a way to lock the Intake VTC gear for testing valve to piston clearance we can proceed to the actual clay testing.

Continue on with the engine5 blog posts
December 28, 2013, 8:00 pm
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After having a long break from blogging and thought it be best to try to finish up the engine5 build. Life has gotten quite busy and i just don’t have the time to do as many posts as i used to. But i promise i will at least finish the engine5 build blog.

We continue on from where i left off
-Finished assembling the bottom end
-Prepped the intake manifold for install

Next i used an appropriate headgasket for the the K24 frankenstein. I had purchased both the RBB(04-08TSX) and the PPA(02 CRV) headgasket. I did a comparison here

In the end i used the PPA headgasket with some ARP headstuds.
Next on the agenda would be to check piston to valve clearance ie Clay test

Nice Photo shoot of the Civic
December 26, 2013, 4:17 pm
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I want to thank my friend Brandon Chua for doing a really nice photo shoot with my civic.
He posted all the pic’s on his blog at http://theflyingpenguin.ca/
98luder civic

Thanks again Brandon

Quick trip to Europe
September 28, 2013, 2:56 am
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Again I apologize for no updates on my blog. I actually have a lot to update I just have not had time.
I recently took a trip to Europe and saw some Honda’s there. Not many but it was cool to see the new Civic in person and the FN2 civic typeR in person.

Here are some pictures from Prague
civic typeR
civic typeR
civic typeR

Not typeR’s but some civic’s hanging out

4door Ep3 style 🙂
4door ep3

In Sweden I saw the new civic in person. It actually looks really nice. I didn’t want to be a creeper and look inside and take pictures so I snapped a few just walking by. Not too sure about that rear end, it’s like a hybrid trunk/hatch back.
new civic
rear end

Some other interesting things I saw in Europe.
Hahaha the gold and silver robot men, all over the world people try to play this gimmick with the tourists.
robot man

This was a new twist to get the tourists money. I actually think he’s siting on a big magnetic plate with the polarity pushing against each other giving the illusion he is floating. He’s just using the stick to stabilize himself. hehe, that’s what I think at least :p
floating man

Well…Europe was nice, that’s for sure.
Time for some European coffee :)….i’ll post more auto/Honda related blog soon I hope.
squirel cup

Next is the Clay test for valve to piston clearance
July 29, 2013, 2:45 pm
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Will post results soon
valve to piston clearance
These tests are quite time consuming as you need to install everything and remove everything over and over again to test the multitude of cam degrees.